IT & Media

For many years, we have partnered with leading players in cultural affairs, the media and IT. Our comprehensive expertise and experience will benefit you.

Need good answers quickly? Or a thorough study of a major issue? Our lawyers are familiar with cultural, media-related and IT players’ legal and commercial needs. Several of us have personal experience from these industries. We also have solid litigation experience, having tried important court cases in these areas.

Our legal staff helps our clients with large and small cases alike. For example, on a daily basis, we work with questions related to:

  • TV and film production
  • advertising, sponsorship and product placement
  • music production
  • the publication of literature
  • gaming and apps
  • GDPR and the processing of personal data
  • rights management

We offer skilled, widely diverse teams of professionals, and among those who use our services, you will find many different players from cultural affairs, the media and the IT industry, including, for example:

  • Norwegian and international film, TV and music producers
  • publishing houses and other publishers
  • media houses
  • providers of ICT services
  • trade organizations within these sectors

We have extensive expertise in the following areas of law, among others:

  • copyright
  • trademark rights
  • domain names
  • market law
  • freedom of expression
  • data protection
  • media law
  • sports law
  • ecommerce and ecommunications law

We also organise regular courses for trade associations and our own clients on a variety of topics related to IT & Media.

We enjoy constructive cooperation across our legal departments, and we work especially closely with our departments for Tax & VAT, Corporate Law & Transactions and Labour Law. The cutting-edge expertise of our other departments ensures that all aspects of your case receive the attention they deserve.

Need good advice and solutions? Contact one of our talented lawyers.


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