Our lawyers have all-round experience of dispute resolution and litigation. We take advantage of this in all of our specialties, allowing us to offer good sound advice at every stage of a dispute.

Need legal help relating to a disagreement or dispute? Our lawyers regularly litigate cases in the courts and other types of dispute resolution. Consequently, we place great emphasis on this aspect of the role of a lawyer, not least in relation to in-house human resources development.

It is equally important to provide advice on which dispute resolution bodies a case ought to be heard by, as it is to advise when a case should not be taken before the courts.

Our lawyers are very familiar with most of the dispute resolution bodies. These include:

  • alternative resolution of disputes and mediation
  • the ordinary courts
  • a variety of appeals boards
  • land consolidation court
  • court of arbitration

Several of the partners in Bing Hodneland are qualified to litigate cases before the Supreme Court.

Are you involved in a dispute? Let us help you resolve it.


John Steffen Gulbrandsen

  • Partner | Lawyer (H)

Kåre Klausen

  • Partner | Lawyer

Ole E. Tokvam

  • Partner | Lawyer (H)

Jarle Edler

  • Partner | Lawyer

Marius A. Rød

  • Partner | Lawyer

Arne Sørsdahl

  • Partner | Lawyer

Alf Kåre Knudsen

  • Partner | Lawyer

Eirik Gåskjønli

  • on leave
  • Senior Lawyer