Tax & VAT

Bing Hodneland’s Tax and VAT team provides help with most relevant issues, e.g. in connection with transactions, audits, international tax law, value-added tax (VAT), disputes with the tax and VAT authorities, general tax and VAT advisory services, etc. The attorneys in this service area provide advice on questions such as the optimisation of tax and VAT liability, as well as on the tax and VAT effects of demergers/mergers and on questions related to the restructuring and reorganization of business activities. The team also works with tax and VAT questions associated with labour-related issues. The team offers assistance to foreign and domestic companies, sole proprietorships, foundations, nonprofits, board members, investors and private individuals.

The Tax & VAT team consists of seasoned lawyers with cutting edge expertise in their chosen fields. The partners on the team have 25–35 years of experience from the public and private sectors, and several team members have experience of litigating tax and VAT cases before the courts. We work closely with Corporate Law and Transactions to find the best possible business solutions and to ensure comprehensive protection of clients’ interests. The lawyers on the team also cooperate with Bing Hodneland’s other service area teams, meaning they have a good track record of helping clients with real estate, construction contracts, IT & tech, culture and entertainment.

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