Sports law

Bing Hodneland’s sports team assists athletes, clubs, agents, sponsors, companies and organizations both nationally and internationally with, among other things, negotiation of agreements, legal advice and disputes. The team assists major players in Norwegian sports, such as the Norwegian Sports Confederation (NIF) and top clubs and sports teams. Bing Hodneland’s sports lawyers assist, among other things, with advice relating the assessment of sponsorship agreements, transition agreements in football, employment agreements and consultancy agreements. The team also assists with the commercialization of copyrights, the right to one’s own image and trademarks, as well as the enforcement of such rights.

The lawyers on the sports team combine cutting-edge legal expertise in the field with in-depth knowledge of the sports industry and experience from sports as both athletes and from board positions in organized sports. The team is led by lawyer Mathias Lilleengen, who has been appointed as an arbitrator in the Court of Arbitration for Sport – the international arbitration court that decides sports disputes.

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