Security, compliance and investigation

In-house guidelines and a smoothly functioning compliance system are decisive for sustainable business success.


Failure to devote sufficient attention to compliance and risk management may result in an elevated risk of breaches of the law and regulations. The consequences of this are well-known, and can include sanctions, financial losses and, not least, a loss of standing and trust. As opposed to before, today’s enterprises are an integral part of the world around them. Consequently, they are required to comply with standards regarding ethics, environmental awareness, how they deal with anti-corruption, the risk of funding terrorism, and GDPR. This means that methodical compliance work and risk management can be considered a strategy for enhancing security in respect of management, the enterprise and its owners.


The team of specialists helps clients establish and maintain methodical compliance work. Team members support clients by identifying their risks, including any legal risks and potential risk to their reputations. An enterprise’s awareness of such risks will make it more robust in navigating a changing world. The team’s specialists in data protection, security, Corporate Social Responsibility and labour law offer advice on in-house guidelines and compliance measures, audits and/or on the compilation of compliance systems, internal investigations and the handling of non-conformance.


It is the team’s experience that methodical compliance work builds confidence among clients’ customers, investors, potential partners and employees, at the same time as it ensures a robust organization.