Security, compliance and investigation

Bing Hodneland’s team for security and compliance assists various industries with investigations, security assessments and internal control documentation with a view to, among other things, personal data protection (GDPR), the Working Environment Act (HSE) and real estate brokerage.

The lawyers on the team provide compliance assistance to private and public enterprises in Norway, in example to comply with requirements in the Personal Data Act, the Transparency ACT and HSE.  The team can, among other things, prepare and maintain internal control according to GDPR, with checklists, data processing agreements and annual forms. The team also offers compliance assistance and training related to how a business can meet minimum requirements to document internal control according to other legislation, for example with regard to HSE.

If a business is to update its own website or adopt new digital services, the team can assist with checklists that document that the required risk assessment has been carried out in advance. The team also assists in connection with the use of cloud services, where the business must ensure compliance with the Archives Act, the Security Act, the Personal Data Act, the Export Control Act etc. Furthermore, the team can assist with compliance with the requirements that apply when using a supplier which means that personal data is processed outside the EEA.

The team for security and compliance is made up of lawyers with extensive experience in privacy, construction, real estate and special security requirements. The team’s security experts have experience with legal assistance related to the Security Act, regulation of cyber security, the Electronic Communications Act and other legal requirements at home and abroad that Norwegian businesses must comply with.

The team also consists of employment law lawyers who have extensive experience both with investigations carried out for employers and with advice to those who have received a notice against them. The lawyers have in-depth knowledge of how far one can go in introducing control measures in the workplace, and have in many contexts assisted with training in companies and of shop stewards in trade unions.

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