Public acquisitions

Bing Hodneland’s public acquisitions team provides legal assistance in all phases of an acquisition process. The team offers legal assistance in all types of issues and in any phase of the acquisition process, both for the client and the provider. The lawyers on the team assist clients on an ongoing basis with, among other things, the design, or assessment, of the basis for competition before the announcement. They can also assist with preparing the basis for competition, prequalification of providers and evaluation of offers. For providers, the team assists both with the submission of offers and any complaints.

Our lawyers have specialist expertise in legal and strategic advice relating to both public and private acquisitions. Our lawyers in the public acquisition team either have experience from being employed in public business as a client or employed for a large supplier that often participates in public acquisition. The team also has industry experience from the ICT and construction industry, which is important if the acquisition is within these areas.

The lawyers on the team regularly assist with input for texts used in acquisitions, as well as in negotiations on the award of public acquisition. In addition, we assist with dispute resolution for KOFA and the courts relating to various aspects of the acquisition regulations.