IT, tech & compliance

The IT, Tech & Compliance team provides tailor-made legal and commercial advice to Norwegian and international businesses on ICT law and ICT agreements, public ICT procurements, data security and new technology, as well as on compliance in fields such as data protection.

The team deals with all aspects of ICT law and ICT agreements on a routine basis. ICT law involves providing legal counsel on intellectual property rights and marketing law (e.g. drafting licensing agreements), dealing with disputes about domain names in relation to brands/trademarks and business names, and assistance with protection of ICT solutions and products (e.g. apps and other software), databases, IoT (the Internet of Things) and IT services. The team members are also experts in data protection, e-commerce law, electronic communications law, statutory cancellation rights, gambling, Internet regulation, and the regulation of cybersecurity, gaming and esports. Assistance with ICT agreements includese.g. help with standard agreements such as State Standard Procurement Agreements (SSAs) and tailor-made agreements in Norwegian and English, ranging from NDAs to licensing and development agreements, the adaptation of appendices to standard cloud service agreements, and tailor-made SaaS, PaaS and IaaS agreements, as well as agreements with other providers.


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