Housing law

The Housing Law team is equipped to help developers, business managers, cooperative building associations, companies and private individuals with all aspects of owning, establishing, operating and developing condominium associations, cooperative housing associations, housing cooperatives with limited liability, etc. Advisory services related to housing law are multi-faceted, drawing on expertise from other fields of law and Bing Hodneland’s Real Estate and Construction teams. The Housing Law team’s experience of practical challenges associated with the operation of existing housing cooperatives is instrumental for establishing new organizations as well as for reorganizing existing ones. Typical problems include the distribution of shared costs, upcoming or completed maintenance projects, expansion or changes inside or outside existing buildings, and amendments to articles of association.

The team is made up of lawyers with experience of legislative work, business management, property development and practical legal counsel associated with decision-making processes and the implementation of measures. Team members specialize in the Housing Cooperatives Act/the Act Relating to Owner-Tenant Sections, and in related fields such as tenancy law, law relating to the rights of neighbours, the Real Property Sale Act/the Housing Construction Act, some aspects of construction law, and questions regarding boundaries and easements. Complex construction cases are addressed in collaboration with the Construction team.

The Housing Law team monitors trends in the field closely, and often organizes courses for colleagues, clients and clients’ customers.