Ground Leasing

To the best of our knowledge, our team is only one in Norway that specializes in ground leases. The team can provide advice to private individuals and to companies in connection with the surrender, adjustment or winding-up of ground leases, offering representation to lessees and lessors alike. The team has exact knowledge of economics, valuation and interest rate trends. In connection with the sale of businesses and development projects, many of which involve ground leases, the team can offer expertise that safeguards the vital interests and foreign investors and buyers.

The team has long experience of ground leases, both on the lessor and the lessee side, setting itself apart in an area otherwise dominated by individual lawyers who represent either lessees or lessors. Our unique perspective makes it easier to see where the shoe pinches for both parties, and to identify potential problems more quickly. The team members have litigated multiple major ground lease cases in recent years, including several before the Supreme Court, as well as trying a case currently being heard by the European Court of Human Rights. Several of our experts have experience from Norway’s largest transaction firms, meaning they know how invaluable it can be to have knowledge of ground leases in relation to major property transactions, especially OPS projects.