Dispute resolution

Bing Hodneland’s Dispute Resolution team has considerable experience of and expertise in the resolution of disputes, both inside and outside the courtroom.


When a dispute arises, it is often practical to seek advice early on in the process in order to determine the client’s legal position, choose a strategy and thus ensure an opportunity for resolving the dispute as early as possible, minimizing the use of time and resources. It is often best to agree on a solution outside the courtroom. Negotiations, mediation or other dispute resolution mechanisms may be viable options.


When it is not possible to resolve a dispute in a satisfactory manner and an action must be filed with the courts, the Dispute Resolution team’s lawyers bring their comprehensive experience of consultancy to bear in setting a strategy, choosing a path forward and fine-honing the points involved in the dispute. The lawyers on the team have broad experience from all levels of the judicial system, ranging from the district courts to the Supreme Court of Norway, in addition to all special courts and arbitration panels.

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