The Construction team covers the entire building and construction sector, providing services ranging from large-scale commercial and residential projects to construction projects and minor construction issues. The team has comprehensive experience, providing assistance with all stages of projects, including tender processes, the drafting of contracts, negotiations, execution, amendments and final settlements, as well as dispute resolution.

Team members provide support for builders, contractors, architects and advisers, gaining experience of and insight into building issues from different perspectives, and facilitating constructive solutions to any problems that might arise.

The team’s expertise extends from traditional construction based on general construction and turn-key contracts (standard terms of business), to specialised cooperation and alliance contracts, technical industrial standards and requirements, the Planning and Building Act, technical regulations, the Housing Construction Act and the Real Property Sale Act. We also have experience and expertise with consultancy and engineering contracts.

The team is known for providing high-quality services, close follow up and clear advice tailored to the project in question, and does not make lengthy reports unless circumstances so require. Where disputes cannot be resolved amicably through negotiations, the team can handle orderly resolution at all levels of the judiciary or through arbitration, whether the disputes are related to the building of a single-family house or a large facility like a hospital.

The team offers regular courses and lectures in its fields of expertise.