Dear contacts, clients and partners


Dear contacts, clients and partners


These are challenging times. Bing Hodneland implemented early measures to prevent coronavirus spread and our staff is ready to assist all clients through this challenging time, with all issues raised as a result of Norway and the rest of the world are strongly influenced by the Coronavirus outbreak. We take all precautions that are considered as recommended by Norwegian authorities, to minimize the risk of spread. We follow updates closely and plan in the short and long term to assist our partners in the best possible way.


Our employees work remotely from home, and remain accessible to clients and others via telephone and email at all times. We will hold meetings via telephone or video conferencing solutions.


Our lawyers have special industry knowledge and have organized our teams so that they are especially equipped to assist their industries with the issues raised in connection with the Coronavirus outbreak. We are available 24/7 – and do not hesitate to contact us – anyway, anytime. Primarily you can contact your contact person in Bing Hodneland. You can also contact one of our partners.


Our team at Bing Hodneland hope that you are all safe and in good health.